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How do i know the legal requirements ?

Our friendly consultants are up to date with all the Council and BCA requirements
associated with Pool Fencing Safety and can guide you with the most appealing
and economical layout for your project.

When does the Fence need to be installed ?

Your Pool Fence needs to be completed and inspected by the relevant Council or
building surveyor, prior to the pool be filled with water.
Almost all of our Glass Fencing Systems are installed after the surrounding paving,
decking or landscaping has been completed.
This is carried out with minimal impact to the finished surfaces and also limits the
likelihood of damage to your new fence during construction of the pool.

How long does it take to install ?

Our installation procedures are fine tuned, allowing us to complete most installations
in around 2 days and leaving your backyard as it was, except for your brilliant new
Glass Fence.

Does the fence require much maintenance ?

As with any material exposed to the elements on a constant basis, some periodic
maintenance may be required to keep your fence looking new.
Like windows, Glass panels will accumulate dust etc.. over time and can be cleaned
as you would any other window.
All our hardware is of the highest grade 316 Stainless steel to minimize impact from
even the harshest conditions for years to come.
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